Anxiety: The Disease Of The Mind

 Have you ever been so confused that your thoughts have caused you severe anxiety? One day you know exactly what you want and where you want to go. The next its like your world and everything in it got turned upside down, and you are left to sort everything out on your own. 

   I have felt like this many times. Becoming an adult can do this to anyone. Traumatic experiences, death and disaster are inevitable in all of our lives. We cannot escape those things that have the capacity to crush our souls and destroy our minds. We will all face them. It’s what we do once its all said and done that really counts. Regardless of what is causing your anxiety, you cannot be wrong for feeling like this just cannot be the right way to live.

For me, I want so badly to serve God and live my life in a way that is pleasing to Him. I have a desire to be righteous and so often that desire leaves me feeling so worthless in my efforts. There are days that I strive so hard to abide by every law and every word that God has commanded. It’s liberating in a sense to feel like you can be the picture perfect Christian, but that liberation is always short lived. I never seem to measure up to the expectations I set for myself, and I am sure you don’t either. Whether it’s in a spiritual sense or not, we have all fallen short when it comes to what we are expecting from ourselves. The truth is that  Perfection is a myth.

There is no clear cut map in perfecting your life, because life will never be perfect. No matter how hard we try to control every circumstance or how desperately we try to avoid any harmful thing, we will always face obstacles that cannot be manipulated by our will. We will always be faced with difficult decisions, consequences to our choices and painful experiences. I believe the fear of the unknown, the fear of what could happen, and the fear of doing too much or too little is really what creates the anxiety and confusion that we face so often.

We are all wondering what will happen in this world? What is happening to our society? We are all faced with more negativity strewn across our social media cites than never before. 

     It is serious work to stay encouraged in this time. There is a major shift in the spiritual realm, that is palpable in the physical. There is no doubt that prophetic messages are being realized in our times. Whether you are a believer or not, it is evident that something is just not right in the world.


  “Have I chosen the correct denomination? Am I willing to stand up for my faith? Do I know enough? Will my family commit themselves to Christ before it’s too late? Will I have the resources to sustain my family in the event of another severe economic depression? “

My mind is flooded daily with the fear of what is to come. But when I really sit back and think of what I know to be true, I think about two things. One, that God is love. The Bible tells us that “love covers a multitude of sin.” and “the greatest commandment is to love God and your neighbor”. Two, if my heart is right and I truly desire a relationship with Christ, not for show, but for the peace it brings, then I will be justified through that faith.

Being that we could never fully understand the wisdom of  God, nor could we ever figure out His plan or ways totally, it is not for us to worry about the day or time of judgment. It is not for us to worry about our resources or our family member’s decisions. It is not for us to worry about anything outside of our control. Nor is it right for us to try to control any situation that we face. Only God can control those things. Who knows what will happen? The best choice we can make is to determine to be happy.  We have to love, love, love, love without fail. We have to garner so much respect for mankind that anything we witness that is the opposite of love will ignite a fire of justice within my heart. We have to be dedicated to being loving, regardless of the circumstances. We have to care for the weak and the weary. We have to unite with the people that God places in our lives. We have to be willing to listen daily to the instructions God gives us, and we cannot do that if we are living in fear.

 There comes a time when you just have to shut your mind off, take control of your thoughts, and choose a better way of life. 

You don’t know if you will even wake up tomorrow. You don’t know what your life holds.  Therefore it is only right for you to make the most of the opportunity you are presented. If someone needs help, you lend a hand. If someone is depressed, you lend an ear. If someone is down on their luck, you lend a dollar. If someone is discouraged, you lend a good word. If someone is lost, you lend your knowledge of the power of Christ in the Holy Spirit. Whatever opportunity God gives you each day to show love, do it whole heartedly. Look for opportunities to step outside your comfort zone and give grace and love to others.

 Give love your all and watch it transform your life.


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