Finding Courage To Do What You Love

You were made for a purpose. You have something special to share with the world.

You have some gift, some talent that others can appreciate.

What is stopping you from developing your talents, from embracing your skills and from chasing your dreams?

Are you afraid of what people will think? Are you worried about failing?

Whatever is stopping you is simply a messed up mindset that is chaining you to a life that will never fulfill you.

Embracing your passion is scary. There are no certainties in life. There is no guarantee that stepping out will return something positive.

But keeping your passion to yourself and never sharing it with people will cause you a feeling of uneasiness that you  will never shake.

People say that they spend their whole lives trying to find themselves, but the reality is that you know who you are. You spend your whole life trying to get over your fear of sharing who you truly are with the world. 

Once you do, you’ll experience a sense of peace that will be addictive.

People may talk about you when you step out and start exploring your talents. You will make mistakes.

People will always have an opinion. If you allow it, those opinions can hurt you. It can affect your self esteem and make you question yourself and your choices.

You just have to rise up each time. You have to stand up for yourself! You have to be willing to learn from your mistakes and become a better person.

You have to take each failure as a lesson and keep moving forward. Don’t fight with people or give into the petty drama. Just say “Thank you for your opinion, but I’ve considered another way.” Keep going! Do whatever it is that makes you different and do it the best way you know how. Be childlike in your approach to freedom. Respect everyone on your journey.

Make the most of this life. Don’t be afraid. Your efforts will always be rewarded. So go out in life, and determine to be happy. Determine to be who you really are and never let anyone but God change your direction! 

You never know what could happen, but its better to try than to forever say “What if?”.


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