Knowledge is Power

Don’t put limits on yourself! Knowledge is power!

There is a certain confidence that you get every time you learn something knew.

You take a class, get a certification, do well at a new job and all of the sudden you start to feel different inside.

When you get smarter, more talented or develop knew skills you start to walk with your head a little higher.

You start to believe in yourself. It sparks a drive to keep learning more! Once you get excited about learning, you will become more confident!

Then the way you see the world changes. Possibilities and opportunities become available. You start to feel that the way the world actually works is in your favor.

The problem is that so many individuals don’t catch on easy to new material and instead of trying harder they give up.

They weren’t encouraged at home or in school, never rewarded for focus and drive in small problems, creating an “I just cannot do it mentality.” This, in turn, creates a sense of inferiority in people which is pretty hard to shake.

Feeling like you’re not good enough, smart enough or that you just don’t measure up will strip you of all of your potential.

So, don’t give up. If you read something and your mind wonders off, re read it.

I read 3-4 books a month, and some material can be boring or way above my understanding, but I don’t put the books down when I realize this.

I get through it, take the little nuggets of information I did understand, then I move on!

I look up different things on YouTube and listen to people explain things like Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

I don’t assume that I’m not smart enough to understand. I just listen.

You’ll always gain some knowledge, regardless if the majority of the info was too much for your current level of competence.

It’s all about pushing the limits, learning more, growing and becoming better than you were yesterday.

Living the same life day in and day out leads to depression.

No wonder nearly everyone we know suffers with anxiety.

People are focusing on things that don’t benefit them at all! What is stopping you from being an intellectual, an innovator, someone people admire for their knowledge, a respected leader or a world changer?

It can simply be your willingness to dedicate yourself to learning!

And yea it may be like work, reading, researching, growing but I would rather work every single day to become the person I dream about being than to stay on the same hamster wheel that produces no real change or excitement in life.

I would rather read 3-4 books a month than spend those hours watching television or scrolling my timeline.

You’re going to be spending your time on something, it might as well be something that will benefit you. So, ask yourself if you are really happy with your life every day.

If you say no or if you say that you know you are meant to do and have more, then make the decision to create a better life for yourself.

Remember competence breeds confidence.

You can learn more than you think you can. So, try it out. Give yourself a challenge. For a week, learn something new every day.

Share the information with a friend who respects your mind.

You just might realize your potential or better yet find your purpose.


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