Louis Farrakhan. The Man You Don’t Know, But Should.

I just got done watching Louis Farrakhan on The Breakfast Club.

Let me start by saying that this interview was crazy. I mean… This man is so intelligent, he will run circles around you and make you angry for the black man!

Let’s just say that he can talk!

At some points in the interview, I couldn’t tell if I was listening to my first Muslim sermon or if I was watching a political campaign! or maybe both!

Either way the interview  was deep!

I have to tell you that men like him, men like Kanye West, men like Will Smith, men like Prince have something to say!! So let them speak!

I like that. Who am I to judge a man if I don’t know anything about his ideology, about the way he thinks about life, economics, community.

People say Mr. Farrakhan is poison.

I like to think of myself as a free thinker, so I like to develop my own opinions about people. Therefore, I watched the whole interview between The Breakfast Club Djs and Mr. Farrakhan, the entire one hour and 37 minutes of that interview, to see what this man was about.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

I watched it, not to judge the man, no matter how much he is judging me, but to listen to what others call poison and use my intelligence to decipher whether it is poison to me.

So I listened.

I listened to how he tells the black women to dress decently, because they are a vessels of life! If the way he says, “You have to demand respect. You cannot allow yourself to be disrespected, but let your thoughts speak louder than your sex appeal.” doesn’t inspire all women, you’re not listening!

I liked that.

I feel as a white woman, I ponder the same thoughts.

I think about what it would be like if the women in our society decided to cover up and demand respect with their intelligence and their communication skills, rather than flaunting their bodies and making sex faces on snapchat all day.

I think about a society with women like that though. Shit… I wish. I would be Kim Kardashian!

So, Mr. Farrakhan did a great job inspiring me! Kudos.

Then he goes on into violent rhetoric before landing on the fact that it must be a conspiracy that the dark communities are being poisoned by pharmaceuticals and the toxic food being fed to them.

He discussed how nothing is grown naturally, and how we are importing our food and they are spraying chemicals on them in transit to keep them beautiful and fresh. Honestly, I think the same thing all the time!

I just have to point out that it’s not just the black people suffering with cancer, mental issues and addictions  because of our food sources these days.

My grandmother died of cancer. I have watched family suffer the tragedy of addiction. I have been plagued with depression myself. Heart disease is the number one killer of all Americans, not just the poor.

I have come to the realization that our food supply is poisoning us, not just the poor, but all those who aren’t aware of the deceit of big business.

He then goes on to explain how “they”(presumably the white man) is poisoning marijuana and making it addictive, when it used to be a harmless pass time for the black community.

Again, I have to point out that it’s not just black people who are smoking more addictive weed these days. Look at the synthetic marijuana industry in Colorado. People I know are smoking wax. That is not good for you! That synthetic stuff concerns Mr. Farrakhan the same way it concerns me! Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti marijuana. I see the benefits.

I am just not trying to watch my fellow human being be poisoned for the sake of money. So, in that point I agree.


I also agree in the fact that, we should grow our own foods.

We should be self reliant, but then you get into the bigger conspiracy theories about the Rockafellas and the Rothschilds, the new world order and the other cooky stuff concerning the banks ultimate control over us and other things people educate themselves on.

BUT BACK TO THE POINT AT HAND I don’t think Mr. Farrakhan has ill intent. I just believe his understanding of the matter is directed toward the wrong focus, but I could be wrong.  


Unlike Mr. Farrakhan, I believe the key to fighting those who are poisoning us is to heal ourselves, grow together, be healthy, happy and full of wisdom, not start a war.

That can only happen when your body isn’t polluted with genetically modified chemicals. I don’t want to fight. I want to advocate for the rights of my fellow human beings.

I want to find ways to co-exist without the corruption of money, power and big government. If we were all equal, could there be peace? 

If we advocated for the black community intelligently, could there be a better community built without the divisiveness  necessary to control us all?  Together we stand, divided we fall!

For gods sake, the black culture is awesome! Forgive me for enjoying it, but I do! I honestly just love the community. I appreciate my black friends for making me part of their families. I learned so much.

Intermingling with any culture will teach you something! Everyone has a treasure to share!

I know it’s hip to love black people, appropriate black culture and mimic the things you think you know about the society these days. Aside from rocking braids, using slang and doing squats to fill out like the black woman, if you took time to actually study the black culture, you’d be inspired!

Black people have soul! It’s not just in the food. It’s in everything they do as a community.

When a black man or woman decides to climb out of oppression, they create things the world has never seen before. Look at Michael Jordan, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Oprah, Tyler Perry, and T.D Jakes. They brought soul to industries that were once simply cookie cutter experiments.

It goes to show that hardships really do make a man/woman invincible. It just seems that some cultures experience those hardships throughout their generations, ultimately creating world changers! 

Don’t get me wrong,  believe in all man kind, no matter the race or religion.

Look, I don’t necessarily agree with Mr. Farrakhan’s persuasive words being that he entices black men to start a war in America. But if a man has that much passion, I know that there must be something good there. I may never see it, but if I had the chance to sit down and talk to him myself, I may see something totally different. I may have a different opinion.

Shit…. If someone can teach me something, inspire me, make me stay up for two hours just to comment on what he’s saying, that means that person is powerful. Whether you like it or not, Louis Farrakhan has power.

I like that in absolutely anyone.

But whatever empowers them has to bring us together, or we all lose.

Because, quite frankly, I don’t like to be poisoned by my food supply.

I don’t like to be sold food and supplies that change the way my hormones work and how I think.

I don’t like to watch my family and friends get bigger and their minds be lost in the rat race of American society.

I honestly don’t like to celebrate Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.

Most of American can’t understand that but somehow Mr. Farrakhan feels the same way.

There is something similar amongst us. It may not be the color of our skin, but our thought processes draw us together.

Our consciousness makes us common.

We cannot allow divisive thought processes to keep us from realizing that. Like Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”


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