5 Steps To A Healthier Lifestyle

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha

Don’t you hate not having the energy to really enjoy life like you used to? Don’t you hate watching your family members suffer from illness?

Sad to say that you aren’t alone if you or your loved ones are plagued with illness, disease or anxiety.

Over half of the American population is suffering with ailments both mentally and physically, many of which are preventable.

PREVENTABLE…. Yes, I said it.

In the greatest country in the world, so many of us are experiencing a miserable existence due to our poor health.

What’s happened? Is it simply poor life choices, fast food runs and overindulgence that is making us so sick? Or is it something deeper?

I went into Kroger the other day to grab some groceries for my health cleanse. As I was taking a shortcut through the soup aisle, an older lady turns to me with despair in her eyes and mumbles something.

My buggy was ratchet as hell, so I couldn’t hear her over the wheels squealing. As I got a little closer, I opened the conversation up so I could hear what she had said.

Exasperated she explained, “There is so much salt in everything! 52mg! What do you think? Are they trying to kill us?”

I chuckled a little and said, “That’s the theory these days!” She turned to me and says, “I think its true!”

Are they trying to kill us? Who are “they”? Grocery stores? Food supply companies? Big business CEO’s? The government? 

Why is nearly all of our food processed, fake or full of artificial ingredients and preservatives?

“If it was that bad for us the government wouldn’t allow it!”, some would argue.

Then you wonder, if the FDA is supposed to protect us, then why is it that they allow for ingredients that are banned in other countries to be used in our food supply? 

Like, really… why?

Is Capitalism to blame? The elite hire advertising genius’s to mind fuck us all! Big businesses use cheap, artificial, barely legal chemicals to stretch their dollars in production, much like drug dealers use baking soda to stretch their product! I mean…. Somebody has to make a profit right? 

Theory is that the corporate tycoons get into the pockets of our government officials, swaying their votes regardless of what science says. That’s must just be conspiracy theory though….. :/
Anyway, grocery stores…. Well, they stack the really good stuff, that sugary, fattening goodness,  right next to the registers, because their marketing pros tell them that we silly humans cant resist the impulse buy.

Why not take advantage of us?

It cant be that bad, right? It can and it is.
It’s all a big game. The CEOs, corporate genius’ and advertising gurus play us all like little pawns leaving us to deal with effects of consuming the inedible, nutrient deprived foods they are advertising to us daily.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that they are trying to kill us. I just don’t think they really care. In the end it’s all about the money.

So, let’s forget about those assholes and talk about what we can do to stick it to them.

Did you know that your body can naturally heal itself without the aid of pharmaceutical companies…. I mean pharmaceuticals. Now don’t get me wrong, some medicine can be an awesome gift, but it should not be an alternative to feeding your body the nutrients it needs to reset itself.

And if you don’t first try to heal yourself from within, the medicine simply slows the symptoms of your ailment, never truly preventing or healing your affliction.

Is it worth it to eat healthy, get fit and take care of your body?

Who literally wants to deprive themselves of pizza, pasta and delicious tacos? I sure don’t!

It may sound like I am totally contradicting myself, but to be honest I am just like the rest of us! I love to eat!

BUT….. I also love having enough energy to play with my kids. On top of that I hate feeling depressed and anxious. I definitely don’t like living without a purpose. I mean, I want to be happy!

So if I had to choose,I’d rather eat bark every single day than live sick and miserable  with no energy, no purpose and no happiness.

Good thing good food doesn’t taste as bad as those assholes have convinced us that it does. I mean after eating sugar all day every day, there will be a bit of an adjustment to healthier foods but the side effects will be addictive. 

I know this for a fact because I just finished a 3 week cleanse in which I consumed no sugars or caffeine, nothing artificial and nothing processed. In order to reset my digestive system I drank a smoothie made of vegetables and fruits for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, I ate a high protein meal.

Let me tell you that this cleanse was seriously hell at first!

But after the initial caffeine withdrawals, I started to experience a feeling I hadn’t felt since before I gave birth…… clarity.

My anxiety disappeared and I was suddenly full of the type of energy that makes you feel invincible.

I truly feel like a different person.


On top of that, I have become more productive in business and have really made major strides in my goal achievements.

All of these things that have changed for me prove that feeding my body what it needs to survive isn’t just the “trendy” thing to do. It is the right thing to do.

And above everything else, the best and most rewarding benefit from my cleanse, is that I feel so much closer to God. I know that sounds so crazy, but its true. I feel like I can feel Him. I feel like I can be led without the distractions of the world interfering with my purpose. I feel alive in Him. 

I cant say that I will never enjoy a taco again, but I can say that I am convinced that consuming a healthier, more beneficial food source is something I will continue to do.
I am beyond committed to maintaining the joy I now experience.

If you’re interested in this “health thing”, here are a few tips from small business owner Breanna Miller. She is a certified kick ass trainer of 5+ years with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. She knows her stuff and will get you in shape! 

These are her TOP 5 FITNESS TIPS:


    • Regardless of if you’re just beginning your fitness journey or increasing the intensity of you current routine, the key is to start with small changes.
    • Examples: Eliminate sugars or caffeine by cutting down your intake slowly. Cut down on the red meat by replacing it with fish or chicken. Increase your vegetable intake by making delicious juices or smoothies made of mostly leafy greens like Kale or Spinach. Slowly increase the intensity of your workout routine by adding weights in small increments, push yourself just a little harder during your runs, or add new workout routines to your current one.

    • You will give up easily if you don’t enjoy your workouts, so find what you like to do. Getting your heart pumping is important no matter if you do it by  running, swimming, biking, weight lifting or working out in fitness groups. Simply getting active is the most important thing. Once you find what you love, try incorporating variety.

    • When you first get started you have a few things to consider. How much time do you have? What are the best days for you to carve out time for yourself?  Do you need a work out partner or a trainer to keep you on track? This will require a little planning.
    • You will also want to look into a nutrition plan that will work for you. Trainers are great resources to help you figure out what you need in nutrients and calorie intake per day. You can also search the web to give you a few quick start pointers. Don’t complicate this for yourself, just get started. Once you figure out what foods you like and need, do meal prep so you can maintain the convenience you are used to throughout the day.

    • When you first start your fitness journey take pictures and measure your arms, calves, thighs, hips, waist and chest. Do this weekly so you can see your improvements. Relying on a scale to boost your confidence in this process isn’t always reliable, being that muscle weighs more than fat. It is quite possible that you could be losing inches without losing weight at first. Do yourself a favor and track your measurements and  take tons of pictures!
    • It’s so important that you really visualize yourself reaching your goals. This is essential to your success.

    • We are only given one body, treat yours well and you will reap innumerable benefits.
    • I want to stress how important it is to truly show yourself love. So often people expect immediate results or they are hard on themselves if they make minor mistakes. I discourage these mindsets. You have to really appreciate the efforts you make and enjoy this journey. No one is perfect, so focus on your strengths and capabilities. Appreciate your body type and believe in yourself. If you master your mind you can master your health. Last but not least, I want to stress the importance of good nutrition. Your mind and body need sustainable fuel to maintain themselves. So show yourself love by eating well!



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