My Hypnosis Journey

I got hypnotized the other day. Guess what… It’s not as creepy as you’d think. I wasn’t forced to bark like a dog, quack like a chicken or to be mindless at all. It was not in any way invasive. To be honest, it was actually freeing in a sense, but before I explain how let me give you a little background on my visit to the hypnotherapist.

A few weeks before I scheduled my appointment, I mentioned my excitement to my family and friends and almost all of them were scared for me. “Oh no! You’ll open your spirit up to all kinds of things.” “Are you sure you want to do that?” I wasn’t at all surprised that people would be skeptical, after all I live in the deep south. I was raised in the church and I myself am a strong believer in Christ. I am also a free thinking individual who makes her own decisions. I learned a long time ago that I would rather do what I feel is right for me, than what other feel is right for me. If I mess up, at least I can live with the notion that it is no ones fault but my own.
Regardless of the anxiety everyone else was feeling for me, I embarked on my hypnosis journey. It began simply with a friend who asked if I would help her in marketing her practice. I do marketing for multiple businesses, so I was enthused with the prospect of more work. She explained her expertise and experience in therapy and hypnosis. I quickly realized that there would be no way for me to honestly encourage someone to undergo hypnotherapy if I myself was unwilling. So, I booked an appointment.
A week or so later I was lying on her couch explaining my journey of healing after a rough bout of depression, enduring abuse and simply living a miserable life for many years. I am a pretty healthy individual who sees a therapist on regular intervals, so this wasn’t a typical session. I was simply divulging things about myself so that she could get a reference point for her work. At one moment in our discussion her eyes lit up. After I was finished explaining how much grief I had endured when my brother passed, she asked, would you like to speak to him again.

At first, I was apprehensive. “No. Not really.”, I thought to myself. Then she proceeded. “I can take you on a journey that can be very healing.”, she said. “I’m here, so why not.”, was the conclusion I came to. I agreed. Next session I was going to be hypnotized in some way to where I would be able to communicate with my brother.

A day before our next session, I was a little apprehensive. I wasn’t trying to go through some Hollywood Medium, Long Island Medium, type of experience. I had already agreed though, so I was determined to follow through with my commitment. There I was lying there on her couch the next day, nervous about what I was about to experience.

She made me as comfortable as possible, covering me with a blanket and simply easing my mind, reassuring me that this would be healing. Then we got started. She got me focused on my breathing, much like the mindful meditation I have been doing for years. This was good, familiar. I was comfortable with this. After a few minutes in this meditation, she walked me through a field with her words. Simply explaining my surroundings, she was having me visualize a relaxing journey. At one point in this journey, she introduced the idea that my brother was a ways off and I was getting closer to him.

Now let me tell you. All the while she was describing these things, I was very present, questioning this whole method, but I was open to it, so I kept going.

There he was at the end of my path. It was a thought, a small vision that my brother was waiting. As I got closer and she instructed me to tell him what I wanted to tell him and for him to give me something, I broke down. I was crying hysterically. It was strange. It was surreal. It was beautiful. After my brief meeting with my brother, I returned from my walk in this field. I was awake, eyes wide open, my body in the same position as when I started.

I quickly sat up, so I could process what I had experienced. I was a little shocked at how personal the whole thing was. My brother gave me something special. It was his gift to me for the rest of my life, something only I will know. I will cherish it forever. This short hypnotic journey truly did provide me with something I didn’t know that I needed.

It wasn’t creepy or all too intrusive. The entire situation was healing.

All the fear and the anxiety dissipated with the realization that we fear what we do not understand, but only experience can give you the understanding necessary to ebb the fear. I am happy I took the chance on such a southern taboo.

I can now honestly recommend you to find your healing through hypnosis if your dealing with anxiety, depression, grief or any type of bondage. You’ll be surprised by the outcome of your experience.

If you’re the least bit interested call my friend

Carra Sergeant,

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Her office is located at:

3915 Patrick Street, Suite 109

Lake Charles, La 70605

Specializing In:

-Individual and Family Therapy

-Adolescent Adjustment Issues

-Trauma Resolution

-Anxiety DisordersPaige Bed 2


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