I started my blog to share my secrets, my journey, my life as a single mom and a semi minimalist who survived depression and now lives life on my own terms.

I’ve got two beautiful kids and I believe in raising them how I want to. We have fun, we learn lessons together and best of all we love each other desperately!

I was raised by some bad ass entrepreneurs who gave me everything. As I got older, I realized that “things” weren’t the source of my happiness. So, recently I downsized my life. I traded in my Lexus for a minivan, moved into a 700 sq. ft home and simplified my wardrobe.

I inherited my parent’s work ethic, so I keep a few jobs at all times. Check the About Me for details.

I never liked to fit in. Traveling is a necessity to keep me sane. When I get to the end of the road, I hope to have built my own highways, so that anyone looking for a  new direction can follow my path.

Last but not least, I love people. I am thankful for anyone who reads what I write, because writing is my passion. If I could be known for anything in life I would want it to be for my style when the pen hits the pad (or fingers to the keyboard). I’m obsessed. So, please connect with me, follow the blog, and share with all your friends. You’re amazing for getting this far. I will do my best to give you something interesting to read!