Life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being real.

 Paige Elliott (With two T’s) Vidrine

“Young Servant of my God Jehovah” is the meaning and I think that is so dope!

If it’s too simple, I don’t get it. I think deep and analyze everything.

You may meet people with similar interest and talents, but you will never meet someone like me. When you think you’ve figured me out, I will surprise you.

I am not afraid to contradict myself.

I am an entrepreneur and I have been looking for “my big break.” It never came so I have been working my ass off for 7 years. 

When I was a kid, I went door to door interviewing my neighbors so I could publish their business in what was apparently a gossip column. We called it “Neighborhood News” and dropped it off on everyone’s doorstep on Sunday. This was way before Facebook, and most of the people on my block were over 50, so I’m sure this was entertainment for them. Anyway, I have been writing ever since.

I’ve matured in my writing style since then.

I helped a local magazine in my hometown of Lake Charles build a following by writing a majority of their articles under pen names. I did freelance for an attorney. After years of picking up any kind of writing work I could, I finally landed my own column in a bad ass magazine. I also got picked up by an international magazine and am published on thought catalog every time that I submit.

I am most proud of that work, and  have made the least money with it.

I provide for my two kids by working as a realtor, franchise executive and free lance marketing and social media guru. I made a failing daycare successful, then sold it, which was a pretty cool.

In 2012, I left my abuser. In 2016, I lost my brother and my grandmother. These events changed me in all the right ways. I have been torn down and told the most hateful things. It is a very rare occasion for me to give a shit about what anyone thinks about me now. So, for that I thank my abuser. I have lost something so precious to me, my flesh and blood. Now, when I lose shit that means nothing, I am unfazed. That, I owe to my grief.

So here I am, living my life exactly the way I want to, because I don’t have time to waste. I am manifesting dope shit every single day and I am excited about the future. I appreciate you coming this far in my journey, now lets stay connected! Please subscribe below!


Quick Facts about me:

I studied at Baylor University, University of Louisiana Lafayette and LSU (and graduated from none of the above)

My Values Include: Traveling, Education, Passion, Motivation, Family, Faith & People

Things That Shaped Me:

Living with Successful Entrepreneurs





Mission Trips

Traveling Abroad

Being a Parent

Reading & Writing

My Big, Crazy, Italian Family

My Relationship With God

The loss of my big brother 😦