Life isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being real.

 Paige Elliott (With two T’s) Vidrine

“Young Servant of my God Jehovah” 

Not afraid to contradict myself.

I AM. 

When I was a kid, I went door to door interviewing my neighbors so I could publish their business in what was apparently a gossip column. We called it “Neighborhood News” and dropped it off on everyone’s doorstep on Sunday. This was way before Facebook, and most of the people on my block were over 50, so I’m sure this was entertainment for them.

I have been writing ever since and I cannot live without books.

I helped a local magazine in my hometown of Lake Charles, La build a following by writing a majority of their articles under pen names. I did freelance for an attorney. After years of picking up any kind of writing work I could, I finally landed my own column in a magazine. I also got picked up by an international magazine and am published on thought catalog.

The gift is in the energy! That’s how I turned failing brick and mortar businesses into successes. 

In 2012, I left my abuser. In 2016, I lost my brother and my grandmother. These events changed me in all the right ways. Years later I found myself entering and exiting another abusive relationship and it got me soul searching. The journey has been intense.


So here I am, living my life exactly the way I want to, because I don’t have time to waste. I was desperate to manifest healing and now it’s an every day affair.

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