SWLA Yoga Fest 2024

Swla Yoga Fest

I walked into Parks & Rec department at the City Hall Monday morning determined to get a date squared away for the SWLA Yoga Fest in Lake Charles. When I saw the department head, I stretched out my arms and yelled, “Guess who’s back!?” He smiled. Mike is a friend of mine, a regular at Buffi’s Peauxboys. “You outpaced the email I just got from the Mayor.”, he told me. He was referring to an email I sent to Mayor Hunter Sunday night saying that I would love nothing more than to continue to serve the Lake Area through festivals. However, I need support. I have no intention of chasing down sponsors, because I am working on building a business. So, the only way I could do this is if a partner stepped up to front the majority of the bill. He put me in touch with someone at Christus St. Pats. A health care partner would be ideal. I sent the email request and now it’s a waiting game. If not them, someone who cares about this community and who needs a tax write off they can be proud of will step up.

Let me take you back to Saturday. One of my sisters was at Drew Park with her kids. I showed up to play. When I saw the park, I saw the festival. A major factor for me to say “yes” to have things flow beautifully. I text the stage guy. He accidentally provided a $5000 stage last year because his cheaper one was being used. He got the dates mixed up. That stage made the festival so legit. I wanted it again, but I wasn’t paying big bucks. When I asked for it and told him that I need a deal, he gladly agreed. That’s when I knew this was going to be easy.

I got the permit and announced the festival without any real idea of how I am going to pay for it. I don’t have time to waste. The money will come as I start moving the energy.

I am excited about this year’s line up. I’ve already laid out the schedule and talked to the talent. We are going to have an hour and a half breath work journey for free starting at 10am.

That will lead into a sound bath. Then we will move into a short ecstatic dance before starting Buti Yoga with Elizabeth. Then a short intermission for music. Afterwards Family Yoga with Erin G. Then music before Yoga Yall’s very own Stormi does the last flow. I’ll end with a short keynote about energy and manifestation before guiding a mediation.

I can only imagine the amount of vendors we have this year. It’s going to be wild!

Im thankful that Yoga Y’all and Main Squeeze Juice company reached out as soon as I announced the date. They want to co-host with me. I love that and am proud of them for stepping up to the plate. It’s going to a true show of community connection and support.

If I am being honest, I told my friends that I absolutely wouldn’t do this festival. Although I love giving back, I need to be mindful of what I have to give. I live 4 hours away now. That’s a trek. My best friend fussed at me kindly and reminded me that all my favorite people live in Lake Charles. They deserve this festival. She was right. I can’t forget about my people. That’s not Paige. So, I have set the intention for this to be simple. I will execute this with ease. Although this doesn’t make me money, seeing everyone out there is a huge reward.

The first order of business was solidifying a date. Mississippi Spring Break is March 24-30, 2024. So I can come in Friday and bust ass until the festival is over Saturday. Then I will have time to rest for the week before heading back to MS. Plus LA Spring Break starts after the 30th. So it’ll be the perfect timing. Last year we were rained out and had to move the date to Sunday. We still had an amazing turn out. So if all goes well, I expect at least 500 people. Only God knows what is going to happen.

I am excited, truly. I love big events. I love community. When I announced I was moving, city officials expressed their great concern. I promised I would always have one foot in. It’s more than one foot. My heart is in Lake Charles. I cried a lot these last few days. My friends children are getting tall and I am missing that. I am so much more grounded now. I can see clearly and it’s an interesting feeling.

It’s bitter sweet. However, I like what is happening. I can come and go with ease. I can contribute without getting tied down. I couldn’t breathe in Lake Charles. I had this sinking feeling all of the time like I needed to get out. I felt like I was in a fish bowl. I needed to heal and ground by the water. I don’t have that sinking feeling when I am back visiting. It’s so interesting. Instead, I feel peace like never before.

In Mississippi, the amount of spiritual work being done is unreal. My gifts are coming online like never before. I have this reservoir of energy welling up. It’s beautiful.

Who knows what the future holds. All I know is that I am going to keep Going Out Guided and Trust where the Spirit takes me.

Here’s to living by your values.

With the Deepest Love,

Paige Elliott

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  1. The Yoga Festival is March 23rd??

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