The Cycles: Building a New Business

Building a business requires a level of self belief that’s almost delusional in a sense. That is until you’ve built a business or two. Then you just know the process. You see the obstacles and expect the seasons to change.

As I build this online business, there are a few factors at play. One is the system. In any great business, there are great systems. I know this. I have done this.

So, my question to myself isn’t whether or not I will be successful. It’s how do I build a system that keeps me excited about teaching? I am not interested in the burn out model. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Instead, I want to build the business around my cycles of creativity, expression, playfulness and family time. That’s the only way I can continue to teach with grace.

I have a lifetime of teaching to do, so I need time. I need to pace myself.

As I build this online business, I need to be connecting face to face with people as well. I see a conference or a festival in the making. I met an author here in Ocean Springs. She’s a brilliant woman who was published at a great publishing company. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the owner of a yoga studio. I am finding my people, one connection at a time. What I envision is a creatives conference on the Gulf Coast one day, self love healing retreats, a book, speaking gigs and virtual courses.

Right now, I am simply laying the foundation. It seems silly to me that I have chosen to start over in a different career path in whole other city. I am already successful. I don’t need much else. But I know that I would feel so upset with myself if I had denied the calling to teach. So here I am, starting by posting my teachings online. This the beginning of something beautiful.

For me it’s a matter of keeping me motivated and excited for the long haul. I like big projects, tasks, checklists. I like working with people and moving the needle forward in a big way. After all, I was a small part of shaping culture in a city that I love. I need that aspect of my life to be satisfied.

I know that I will shape culture and help so many people understand spiritual concepts in order to love themselves a little deeper. I know what I am up to is going to have a massive impact in people’s families and their relationship to themselves.

I’m just at the beginning stage like most businesses. It’s a steady crawl. I could run a little faster if I didnt have the responsibilities that I have, but this is real life. I can take my time. I trust myself to build and create.

There are cycles and there are stages. Plus, I really want to honor my feminine essence with this business. I used to push down my feelings and ignore my needs in order to build my life. That’s not a reality for me anymore. I have to trust myself, listen to my heart, and honor the intuitive guidance.

It’s not always easy. I have my frustrations just like anyone else, but I have patience with myself. Consistency is the key.

So, my friend, here I am sharing the intimate details of this journey. I imagine in a year or two, maybe three, we can look back on this with the appreciation for the process. The first month, I posted a video a day, with quotes. This next month I want to do posts on a specific theme so I can dive deep in the teachings on a subject. Because I am good at friendship, that’s my main focus for November.

Speaking of friendship, I have a wonderful friend who I have grown so close to over the last few months. I crossed a boundary that this person didnt actually set and they stopped talking to me recently. It hurt me, but I returned to my self care practices and filled my time with things I enjoyed. When we talked again today I said, “Look, I want this friendship. You just have to tell me because I will respect you. This is how I do relationships with my people. I would rather you stop me in my tracks and tell me what needs to change, than for us to lose this.” I heard a sigh from this person and just like that we are back to our bond.

Day by day, I find ways to express my needs and my heart to people in order to maintain the love I have for them. I truly believe that true healing in this world will come by way of relationships. Relationships are the most potent medicine. So if I will teach it, I have to live it. My goal is to create this business around the values that matter most to me.

Each day, I get a little more clear about what I offer, who I offer it to and how I want to grow.

There are a ton of marketing experts who tell me to pick a niche and to market a certain way. However, I need to do what I am doing. I need to clear the pipes creatively. Any great artist knows that you can think about what you want to paint, but what is created is never what you imagined. It is beyond that. This is a soul journey. You first have to just put the paint on the canvas. Then it will organize. After the creative pipe is clear, the real work begins. You narrow in. You see what wants to be expressed, what the soul needs, what the world needs. You fall into the niche.

Maybe I don’t do it like everyone else. Maybe I am an outlier, but I am okay with that. If I rush, I do so for money and that is not what will motivate me in the long run. It won’t keep me growing. I want to build from the presence of the deep Spirit within me and be motivated by the impact. The impact will wake me up in the morning. The impact will shape my life.

I need to keep living, learning and exploring this heart of mine. Through the Paige I can give what it is rooted in truth.

I love you.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you so much.

It would mean the world to me if you listened to my podcast and gave me feedback.

I can’t do this alone, nor do I want to. Please share, comment, talk to me. I need you now more than ever to help me lay the foundation to impact people’s lives.

With Deepest Love,

Paige Elliott Vidrine

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