The Journey Inward: Awakening to the Subtle Body of Energies Beyond the Mind

Do you ever feel like time is slipping through your fingers faster than ever before? Have you sensed that unmistakable weight in the air over the past week? It’s fascinating how so many of us are attuned to this energy, yet the mystery still lingers. Science does its best to explain it, but there are limits to our measuring tools for the ethereal.

In times of heavy, dense energy, I’ve made a choice to rely on my inner wisdom. After all, each of us holds a unique compass for understanding these moments. I encourage you to embark on your own journey of understanding. I’ll gladly share my experiences, and if they resonate with you, that’s wonderful. But if they don’t, I honor your unique perspective.

What I’ve discovered when my mind gets clouded and the energy feels heavy is that there’s something within me that’s calling for attention. Be your own guide and explore what this dense energy might signify for you.

As the collective consciousness of the world ascends, our sensitivity to the subtleties of energy becomes increasingly relevant. Those who’ve suppressed their inner truths might find themselves grappling with ailments or mental confusion. For years, I’ve been intuitively drawn to meditative journeys, seeking to untangle karmic knots and release the energetic bonds of the past. Others might see this as suffering, but it’s quite the opposite. As I ran into the suffering instead of away from it, I found myself traversing a unique path in the wilderness of my heart. I let myself feel without being consumed with the criticism of others that would lead me to believe that I am highly sensitive. Instead, this path made me realize that those of us brave enough to walk it are actually highly gifted. With the right tools for a healthy journey, we can show others how to guide themselves into a journey of heart, unlocking their own gifts. Though it is not easy, it is worth it. While I didn’t fully grasp the why behind these practices at first, their purpose has gradually come into focus with the passage of time. Becoming an alchemist of the soul requires high training.

Lately, the prevailing density of the world’s energy has beckoned me inward into my alchemical state. I wonder if this calling is universal, hidden beneath layers of avoidance or externalized anxiety, as we often seek to shift blame outward. Do we each possess a unique spiritual ability to transmute density?

This morning, I embarked on my personal quest, and a heavy weight rested upon my chest. Regret. I didnt realize it was there, but during collective energetic shifts, the stagnant energy must be dealt with. Have you ever sensed the weight of an untaken opportunity, wondering for a lifetime, ‘What could have been?’ I’ve typically been a ‘risk-taker,’ but over the past year, I held back. While it was the right decision, there’s an inherent pull within me toward risk-taking. Not yielding to this pull feels like a form of regret.

Perhaps this is why I’ve often found myself entangled in relationships that were destined to fail. I used to be unwaveringly loyal, clinging to situations until they eroded my sanity or wisdom. As I embarked on the journey of self love, that pattern had to be left behind. But you see, change isn’t always simple. As we evolve, it becomes crucial to make choices aligned with our well-being, even when they conflict with what we believe to be true or right.

Life often resembles a well-worn path, and humans tend to cling to what’s familiar. It’s safe. Transformation, they say, commences when we recognize recurring patterns and dare to chart a new course. Yet, what often goes unmentioned are the intricate twists and turns along the way. It’s akin to standing at a crossroads, where saying ‘No’ when your heart yearns to say ‘Yes’ feels like breaking a sacred bond with the old path, despite understanding the spiritual necessity. This is when higher guidance is of the utmost importance.

Energetically, traces of regret can linger in the body, even when the mind rationalizes the rightness of one’s choices. This morning, I confronted it head-on and embraced responsibility to transmute it. I cannot hold a healthy choice with the energy of regret. This is what keeps us bound to a path that does not serve us, tied to chaotic energy or looping poor choices. It’s the same as trying to get to a destination in the wilderness and continually taking right turns thinking you are going somewhere. Eventually you have to traverse the unknown so you can make it to the destination or at least journey upon the best path for a fruitful process. I’ve discovered that taking responsible action in life is the key to elevating consciousness. As I sat with the notion of taking responsibility for this energy, I transmuted the weight of regret into willingness to love myself above the idea that un-calculated risk would feel good. Embracing self-love, no matter how challenging, is an act of courage. Courage leads you upon an unworn path to self discovery that is far more exciting than taking a continual right turn upon the same worn path to spiritual stagnation.

You see, the ascent in consciousness isn’t solely a mental journey; it encompasses the wisdom of the body. As a guide, I’ve witnessed many individuals attempt to leap from unworthiness or shame to hope, wondering why they continually fall back into feeling not good enough or shameful. But when you locate the shame in your body, it communicates with you. The mind alone cannot always decipher it, for the emotional body possesses a profound intelligence. As we awaken the subtle layers of our being beyond the mind, our self-understanding deepens. It’s an odyssey inward.

Follow the energy. When it feels dense, journey within and seek it out. When your body aches, direct your awareness there. No need to dissect or intellectualize; simply feel. Allowing the energies to guide you through this ascent in consciousness connects you deeply to the Spirit of Love, which yearns for nothing more than your release from the energies that anchor you to lower realms of thought and feeling.

My prayer for you is that you find your own way inward, that you listen to your body when it tells you what it needs. Take your time. The path isn’t always clear, but if you are present to the body, the light of the Holy Spirit within will light the steps as you venture forward.

Humbly & With The Deepest Love,

Paige Elliott, translated as (Young Servant) (The Lord is my Savior)

Servant of the Savior

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