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  • One Night In NOLA: A Family Adventure

    One Night In NOLA: A Family Adventure

    Hello! For those of you new here, I am Paige Vidrine. You probably know me from the Lake Charles Yoga Festivals, the Mural Festival, my social media platforms or Buffis Peauxboys. I decided to combine all of my contacts and reach out in this medium. I have a lot planned for this year, and I… Read more

  • The Alchemist

    The Alchemist

    What is alchemy? It is the ability to turn something of lesser value into a precious thing, something of great value. I hear so many people talking about alchemizing their experiences and I sit back and wonder if we just use words to disguise our own delusion. We boast of our internal work with no… Read more

  • The Trauma of Single Parenting

    The Trauma of Single Parenting

    I read a social media post one day about a young girl who killed herself because she was tired of parenting alone. In her cry for help, she explained that it’s not that she didn’t love the kids. She killed herself because the pressure of doing it alone was too much to bare. The amount… Read more

  • Through the Paige

    Through the Paige

    My friend, I’m excited to be writing to you. It’s been a long time since I have shared my thoughts on this platform. For a year, I have been privately writing to an exclusive list of people, sharing the visions I have in meditation, my spiritual journey, my love life and so much more. They… Read more

  • Making a Believer out of a Leader: 3 Days That Changed My Life

    Making a Believer out of a Leader: 3 Days That Changed My Life

    My whole life changed in 2016. The pain I experienced did something to me that cannot be undone. I realized after losing my grandfather, grandmother and brother that year that something inside me had shifted. I became a different person. The pain had stripped my soul bare, and all I could do was take what… Read more

  • New Orleans: Why I Bring My Kids There

    New Orleans: Why I Bring My Kids There

    New Orleans, the city where most go to lose their inhibitions on Bourbon Street only to wake up the next day searching their phones for photos hoping they’ll be able to recall the night’s events. Yea… That place! It has proven to be the perfect destination for those ready to celebrate their legality, get lost… Read more

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