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  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    “San Francisco has only one drawback, ‘Tis hard to leave.” Rudyard Kipling Save your money, pack your shit and go to San Francisco. It will change your life! Have  you ever traveled somewhere and just felt like…. I could do this forever? Well thats what it feels like in San Francisco. Let me tell you… Read more

  • One Day In Memphis

    One Day In Memphis

    “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” Elvis Presley Have you ever visited a city and felt the soul? Talk about “in your feelings”! Memphis puts you in them the moment you arrive! The atmosphere, the “vibes”, they call to your soul. They call you to create, to think, to be… big! It’s something… Read more

  • Things I Stopped Caring About At 25

    Things I Stopped Caring About At 25

    They say turning 21 is the last Big HOORAH of birthdays, because you feel like an adult being that you can now legally drink. Like most of us, I was drinking well before my 21st, so as it was an epic year, it just didn’t hold a candle to the good old age of 25.… Read more

  • Medical Marijuana: The Purest Antidote

    Medical Marijuana: The Purest Antidote

    Have you ever watched a baby seize? I have. Have you ever seen a child’s body stiffen, jaws tighten and it’s tiny little frame shake uncontrollably? I have. At first, it’s a little scary. You want to do something to help, to stop this onslaught of intense discomfort, but you can’t. All you can do… Read more

  • Chicago


    Chicago like you’ve never seen it! Read more

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